Staying Warm during Winter Break

Women’s Empowerment Centre, Afghanistan


It is so cold in Bamyan Village, the women and students were asking us to bring coal and wood to the centre. However, the government may ask us to move on from the WEC in Bamyan and, therefore, their request must remain on hold until this issue is resolved. We are talking with our government partners and resolveing some disagreements with the youth leader. Finally, the women and students signed a letter requesting that GHNI be able to continue our work of education & literacy training in Bamyan East. 


After this, we bought wood and coal for the Women’s Empowerment Centre. When classes are being held, some of the women come earlier to the heated room. They are continuing to attend classes on literacy and hygiene. 


The English students enjoyed a 10 day break after they had final exams. When the return, they will continue their English lessons. Winter is a good time for students because they have no school and have ample time to learn languages in our centre.


Thank you!




*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.