Steady Rain, Steady Progress

Jatapara Village, India


In Jatapara Village, most of the agriculture depends on rain. This month people are engaged in working their fields. Since rain is regular and on-time this year, people have sowed their fields and no field is left vacant, as was typical two to three years back. Major crops grown are corn, rice, and pigeon peas. Transplantation of rice seedlings was also completed in July, unlike the year past when it was completed in the last week of August. The crops are growing well.


Earlier, people used to buy seeds for cultivation. The seller would charge a high price for the seeds. But last year people were taught how to store rice seeds. So this year about 70% of the people used their stored seeds to grow seedlings and saved their money.


In order to generate more income, an initiative to make a chicken and goat farm has been undertaken. The future farm site has been fenced with bamboo. The fence is being planted in order to make it last longer and discourage termites. The farm is expected to be ready by October. Initially, we aim to earn 2,000 rupees per month from chicken sales, and from the goat side we aim to be earning 30,000 at the end of 2 years. This farm is also a small way of encouraging people to start their own businesses.


The lands that are left uncultivated are being used for mango tree planting under the government initiative. This plan provides 112 saplings for every acre of land dedicated to mango tree cultivation. The government bears all the expenses of the plantation. Around 800 mango saplings have been planted this year. Fencing is being erected in order to protect the saplings from animals. More people are being encouraged to mark their unused land for mango planting so that they can earn money even from the unused land in the future.


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