The Story of Cash

Catching the vision, a Sendana villager has not only improved his cocoa farm but encouraged his neighbors in their methods. GHNI-Indonesia shares the story:

Sendana, Indonesia

“Cash is a young man from Sendana. Like each man in the village, he got married early – he is 24 years old now – and started working on the field at a young age. When his father died two years ago, he inherited a cocoa field in bad condition: old and sick trees.  He had a lack of knowledge on caring for cocoa trees.

“Cash is one of these young guys who didn’t want to join the program at first because they had never seen a healthy cocoa tree in their life. He was not believing the climate of his village could allow cocoa trees to grow well. It’s only after he saw the first few grafted trees growing well in the cocoa field of his brother-in-law that Cash became interested in learning.

“In just one month he turned from a sceptical farmer to a farmer encouraging others to learn and work on cocoa. He had done a lot of work alone and bought materials on his own without requesting anything.

“Before the last trip to a cocoa research center that the team organised, there was another farmer not really enthusiastic at the idea of leaving his house for four days. Cash said to him, ‘You must come! It’s a unique chance for us. Don’t think of your house but on what you will learn!’ The goal of the trip was to learn about cocoa nursing.

“By his young age and leading character, Cash has a huge potential of encouraging and helping others if he becomes a successful cocoa farmer.”