Street Children Attend School

CP Village*, Nepal

This month, I had the opportunity to share the Transformational Community Development (TCD) village concept with respected leaders of the community. We were gathered to cooperate together for the welfare of the village. Later, I discussed how we can develop self-sustainability in the community. All the participating villagers seemed to have a positive response to the TCD village development plans that I am guiding them in. 


One of the most important things I enacted this month was encouraging two children, whom I had met playing on the road and not attending school, to have a quality education. After their admission at school, I provided them with paper, pencils, etc. These children lacked an education opportunity because of the family's financial crisis. Since that day, whenever I happen to meet these children, I see that they are going to school happily.


In our village, I am conducting meetings with the villagers to teach them about the TCD plans that we are going to work on. I also gave some essential lessons about the long-term self-sustainable development plan for the community. Furthermore, I helped some villagers in distress by resolving their personal life or family life to become sustainable through individual Income Generation. I taught the people about how they could balance their daily lives with a yearly plan and working strategically. I encouraged the villagers to be involved in sustainable businesses like poultry farming, bee-keeping or small grocery stores in the village. Villagers in our community are feeling more enthusiastic about the TCD plans.


According to this month's TCD plans, I arranged several meetings with the TCD Committee of the village. I discussed TCD lessons and the vital roles villagers play that are essential for a sustainable life. Other than this, our community raised another Income Generation team of five competent members and trained them in the Self-Income evaluation project that they are going to work on. Later, the TCD Committee members distributed seed money to those five persons and they are starting their work as they promised. Last but not least, clean drinking water was scarce in the CP Village, and our TCD Committee played a significant role by repairing and cleaning the drinking water pipes and tanks. We also made drinking water available for the people of the community. So, these are the main TCD activities that we have managed and completed this month. Our community is growing slowly but steadily, day by day, because of the TCD training. 


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “CP Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

**For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.