Strengthening Community Through Football

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Last year, we saw a great change in Dhoker Jhara Village. This year, we will be focusing on women’s empowerment, and so we started with a New Year picnic in January to encourage them. We had arranged interesting games for them, among which football took the prime focus for amusement among the females. The interesting thing about the football game was that the audience was none other than the husbands of the women who took part in the match. The husbands were very motivating and their loud applause aroused the maximum interest in the players.

We believe that good health is not only about staying healthy but having good and healthy relationships with each other and having a selfless attitude. This New Year celebration and the football match catered to the birth of unity and friendship among the women in the village of Dhoker Jhara. Previously, though they had a friendly attitude, outwardly, they were very active in complaining against each other. Everyone expected help from others, but they themselves were not ready to help in return. This kind of attitude changed after the get-together. A woman named Pakuti now shows an overwhelming nature towards helping her fellow villagers.