Strengthening the TCD Programme

Champion Village*, Bangladesh


Bangladesh confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, and day by day the number of infected patients has been increasing. Two months ago the government shut down all modes of public transportation, including trains and buses, and a lockdown was implemented on most days. Due to the pandemic, one partner has failed to implement the field level Transformational Community Development (TCD) activities, but is still training the TCD workers. The management was advised to develop a system to explore the TCD activities in a broader stage. They have begun the three initiatives for TCD: 1) building skills for the TCD staff and facilitators; b) engaging in data preservation and documentation; and c) developing different strategies for implementation. 


Building skills for the TCD staff and facilitators was the first strategy identified to help strengthen this TCD programme. They organised a day-long training on May 14, 2020. Due to the coronavirus, most of the participants joined through a video call, while others participated in the town directly. The Programme Director facilitated the training. Learning topics that were presented included the training objectives, TCD approaches, planning and social mapping, problem identification and ranking.


At the end of the training, all of the participants jointly prepared a plan of action. The management decided these plans would be implemented in Bangladesh for TCD. The management also said that our partners had provided venue rent, food, conveyance, material, and internet cost where necessary.


To implement TCD activities properly, this partner decided to engage in documentation as a development standard. The respective staff/facilitator will keep some essential data of the community individually, such as villagers’ names with identity by a code number, food and crops, disease, problems, resources, students name and school address, profession, community planning, and service provider, among others. These documents will help to measure the changes and impact of TCD.


Regarding different strategies for implementation, a team will work towards supervision and monitoring. As planned, the respective staff and community team will push to advance their daily work. In order to keep on the right track of TCD activities, the team will attempt to discover any lacks or gaps. 


For visualisation and proper achievement of this project, our partner will avoid vast areas. We will work to select villages depending on priority and location. That will help us to explore ideology and spread out the learning to cover every village and district. 


This training and initiative will help by offering opportunities for positive transformation and  strengthening at the community level through the involvement of local engagement. Facilitators and staff will promote the approaches systematically.


Thank you!




*For the purposes of safety, “Champion Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.