Striving for High Marks

*WR Village, Sri Lanka


We did not hear the usual sounds of children when we arrived at the tutoring class location. It was calm and quite too good to be true. When we got closer, we found the children with test papers in front of them, writing answers to the questions asked.


We spoke to the teacher who informed us that this is the first quarterly test for the year, preparing them for the school quarterly examinations in April.


While they were having cakes and tea at the break, we asked them if the questions were easy. Most of them replied that the questions were difficult. Some said that the questions were easy, as the teacher had told them what questions would most likely be asked.


To motivate the children, we told them that the three children who get the highest marks will be given gifts and that the gifts are going to be items that are necessary for their schooling. All the children clapped. The teacher said it’s time to answer the test paper and children got back to their seats. We wish them the very best and left.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


  • Water -- Pure drinking water is available in the village, except for about six homes. This becomes a problem during the drought as wells dry up. Talking to the villages, they say digging the well deeper will help them have water during the period of drought.  We are now in the period of drought. This is the worst drought faced in many years, where several wells have dried up.
  • Food -- There is food in the village that many families enjoy, at least two meals a day. We will be teaching growing vegetables in home gardens through TCD lessons.
  • Income Generation -- We made them aware of micro loan and benefits. The villages are excited and are prepared to start income generation projects. We are looking for donors to fund the project.
  • Education -- Since we started the Tamil language classes, there are about 25 who come for the Tamil tutoring class. Many want to join the class but, at the moment, we are unable to accommodate all. The Education Committee is doing a good job going from home to home, informing the parents of the importance of education.
  • Wellness -- Wellness in the village needs improvement. Through TCD lessons, we will teach the villages to improve wellness in their homes.


Thank you,


GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of security, “WR Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.