Strong Enough to Play

Gem Village, Kenya


Nobody chose to be born white or black, rich or poor, sick or healthy. We only find ourselves as victims of circumstance.


Orphaned at just one year old, Joyce is now four. She was left in the care of her grandmother, who was too old to care for her as needed and could not afford to. Joyce became sick and malnourished. At the tender age of two, she had marasmus and jiggers all over her body. Then she lost her grandmother. During the grandmother’s funeral, nobody wanted to have her at their home, for they knew her parents had succumbed to HIV/AIDS. Joyce was deserted and her condition worsened.


But then a day came when someone took her to receive care from Madam Catherine in Gem Village. Taken in, Joyce is receiving all the necessary care, from enriched porridge to other treatments. We had her tested for both tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS—all of which read negative!


Today Joyce and many others are growing strong and playful, happy to have their limbs that were almost wasted away. Their proper health gives them all the energy they need for playing and learning!


Martin M.