Students Improve from 10th to 2nd

Attir Village, Kenya

As the only kindergarten teacher in Attir Village, Lucia is on the village’s education committee. On behalf of the community, she expresses their gratitude to GHNI for support in transforming the village in all Transformational Community Development (TCD) areas. She says before we stepped into their community, children could hardly learn due to illnesses and unconducive surroundings. These challenges were dealt with and are no longer a bother to the children. Lucia’s work has now become easier for her.

It was a big surprise to Lucia, the community, and the area zone, when they came in second out of ten schools on the exams, whereas ten used to be their number! Lucia appreciates the efforts of GHNI and looks forward to an even better school environment and performance!


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya