Students Overcome Obstacles

*U Village, Sri Lanka

I Love English, Now!

“My name is Mithrilingum and I have three sisters. Both my parents work for the estate as tea pluckers. I am very weak in the English language and always wanted my parents to send me to a tutoring English class. As my family is large, my parents were unable to send me to a tutoring class. As it cost lots of money, my parents can’t afford it.

“I was sad that there was no one to help me, as all my other relatives are also poor. However, one day on my way to school with friends, they informed me that an English tutoring class is done by Global Hope Network International. Smiling, they said it is free of charge. I was overjoyed to hear this good news. I went with my friends to the tutoring class and got myself enrolled for English class. I was also informed about the math class, in which I also enrolled myself.

“Now my English has improved and we speak in English in class! I love English. I have also improved in my math. These classes are very useful to me, as in school we have a period of only 45 minutes, which is insufficient to teach forty students. The tutoring class is four hours, and we have plenty of time for questions and answers, which helped us improve our knowledge. I thank GHNI for making my dreams come true, for the support and help given to the children of U Village.”

In Spite of the Rain

On our way to the tutoring class in U Village, rain came down. We were unable to travel the full distance as the road is under construction and had to walk the balance in the rain with leeches having a feast on our weary legs. When we reached the tutoring class, we found most of the children had also come in the rain, with some of them still wet and sitting on the floor. There was no room for all of them in this little house. Classes are normally held in the open; however, when it rains, the class cannot be held in the open and the house is too small to accommodate all children.

The teacher was also delayed in coming, as buses cannot drive due to high levels of water on the roads. This gave us an opportunity to ask the children questions. We asked them if they enjoyed math. The answer was yes, they were happy that we are teaching math. Most of them said that their class positions in school have improved. We asked them why they came through heavy rain to study. They told us that the teacher is very kind. He explains things they do not understand. We asked them if they knew who pays the teachers, and they found it difficult to say, “Global Hope Network International.” However, one smart child said, “GHNI.” I asked them what must you say when one gives you a valuable gift. As a class, everyone said, “THANK YOU!”

We were sorry to see some enthusiastic children come in the rain to study, but miss this opportunity due to the rain. I made an assessment to construct a semi-permanent covering, which will cost about $350. I spoke to the education committee to ask them to provide the labor and collect about $100 from the parents towards the construction, to which they agreed. As we have collected project funds, we will go ahead with this work.

Your continued support helps GHNI continue to meet the needs of these eager students. Thank you for standing in the gap with us!

GHNI National Field Leader, Sri Lanka


*For purposes of security and well-being, “U Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.