Students Progress Despite COVID Challenges

UV Village*, Sri Lanka


Almost all the children were present. We asked the children what their parents said about the class. They said that their parents were happy that the classes are going on and hoping that COVID-19 would not stop the ongoing classes.


We are happy with the progress that teachers are making, encouraging the parents to send their children to school to further their education. The children are also making progress in their studies.


The teachers informed us that after their exercise, the students are asked to wash their hands before they come to class. As many of them do not have facemasks, the children requested them as well as sanitiser. At present, we do not have the funds to accommodate their requests, yet we are hopeful that donors will help with this. Total cost of items would be $95.


TCD Update

  • Water- Most of the homes have clean drinking water and other homes collect their drinking water from neighbours. We have been told that this has been going on for many years. The villagers do not need water during the rainy season, as there is plenty for the entire village.
  • Food - As an agricultural community, many of the villagers work on paddy fields. They grow various kinds of vegetables, and have fruit producing trees near their own homes. They get food from their gardens. However meat products are rarely found in their meals. We saw more vegetables grown during the COVID-19 period as the children took to growing vegetables.
  • Income Generation - COVID-19 caused a difficult period for the village as there was no work for people. Many were used to being paid daily for a day’s work.
  • Education - At present, we have approximately 49 children and 2 teachers. The reason for two teachers is the little ones in lower classes need to be taught separately.
  • Wellness - The COVID-19 was a threat to the village. We had to obey rules and restrictions by the government. This presented an opportunity to teach the children about the virus and what should be done daily to avoid catching it. Immediate measures are taken for individuals suffering with a cough or fever to stop the spread of the disease.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of security “UV Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by these projects.