Success in the Midst of Challenges

Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village, Tajikistan


This month was very good for our team. We met a lot of new people and families. It's hard to restart work because I was off for about five and a half months because of COVID-19. I couldn’t follow-up on our work when I was in the hospital and many things have changed in the village. Sadly, many people have died, and COVID-19 caused all infrastructure in the villages to collapse. 


I can’t travel to the south as it’s under unofficial lockdown to foreigners. At the end of May or the beginning of June, I will be able to travel there. For some reasons, I didn’t get an official permission yet to visit other areas under my supervision, thus unable to check on the communities there. I can only see Moses*, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker; we talked for several hours. 


Despite all this, we have a very good success in the Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village. Our team there is working 100%. Kormon*, our TCD Worker, and my wife did a great job while I was sick. In this Cluster Village, we have created two committees: the Agriculture Committee and the Water Committee. Last summer, we distributed a lot of masks. One of the villages where we distributed these makes is now receiving help with the kitchen gardens. We helped 150 families (750-100 villagers in total) with fertiliser. It is very hard to connect with each family. Each family wants to talk and share something or wants to ask something. It is very exhausting but, in the end, it makes me and my team very happy. 


Our local Champion is a woman named Lola*. She is a friend of my mother. Lola is like-minded in every way and understands the process of transformation. She works at the local middle school as a teacher. She is a very good worker. She connects well with people and people respect and listen to her. Lola and my mother make a great team. 70% of the Food Always In the Home (FAITH) kitchen gardens are helping women-led households. Kormon and myself cannot work with women because it’s not proper in our culture; however, we work with the men.


We also have a new worker. His name is Aryan*, and he is also from the Murtoch-Talon Cluster Village. He is lending us his car when we need to move something. He does a great job. We consult with him about the kitchen gardens, especially about seeds and fertilisers, as he has a lot of experience in those areas. He doesn’t have a lot of land, just about 4 to 8 acres.


One region with great potential is the Rudaki district. All doors are open, and the inhabitants are very receptive to us.


Thank you! 



GHNI Partner Volunteer 

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Kormon", “Moses”, “Aryan” and “Lola” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.