Supporting the Community with Masks and Kitchen Gardens

Hojagi Cluster Village, Tajikistan


These past three months have been very fruitful. In short, we invested a small amount of money and received a large result, which was very encouraging for both me and for the team. Together with the team we helped and blessed many people. We did this with all our heart, just as we were instructed. 


Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers are very encouraged. Before I thought we needed a large amount of money for a project in order to achieve results. But I have learnt that this isn’t necessary. I have stopped looking down on people and I started to see many things with different eyes. 


I have also learnt a lot from my fellow GHNI staff. For example, I have learnt how important it is to work smarter, but not always harder. This has helped make me happier than I was before. This is my personal story. 


In addition, now I understand that if I want to give people help and hope, I must first see a change in their mindset before I see a change in their lives. Furthermore, if I want to see a change in others, I need to show people how my own life has changed. 


Over this three-month period, we helped people plant 30 multi-family kitchen gardens and we distributed 2,000 masks in villages where we work, including  Murtock, Hamadoni, and Beshkent. Many people cried when we helped with masks or with their kitchen gardens. They have been very appreciative of this. We have made good progress in our work. We have also delivered approximately 35 informal lessons about the coronavirus.


Now, people not only trust us, but they have started to share about their personal problems as well. We are very happy to help people develop their community.


Over the next three months, the team and I want to build on our success with help from GHNI. I think if we work together, we can do great things for the people of Tajikistan. We can transform many hearts and many villages.  


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer