Surviving a Meagre Winter

House of Esther, Armenia


It was a mild month of winter at the House of Esther with just a few frosty evenings. The residents kept warm inside and did a few outside tasks on the greenhouse when possible. They prepared the two side ventilation windows, and then will soon work on the side doors of the green house. We need to buy the few metal angles, square pipes, and welding material.


As we tried to get the greenhouse ready by March, we transplanted the indoor growing seedlings and veggies. Time was of the essence in the Spitak region. In order to be ready to plant by early spring, we needed to take care and prepare the needed veggies, potatoes, and fruits.


Now, we have only three refugees and our local supervisor, Armen. Unfortunately, due to low funding, I had to let go of three more refugees to reduce the charges of food and daily expenses.  These refugees temporarily moved back to the capital of Yerevan, until financial funding returns. In Yerevan, they receive occasional support in food and clothing from an Aleppo NGO.


The refugees are waiting for an update on their request to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR-Armenia) for support and assistant in getting a few animals.


GHNI Partner Volunteer