Sustainability Achieved! Village Graduates!

DG Village*, Nepal


We had a very good opportunity to do Transformational Community Development (TCD) training in DG Village. We started the TCD project period from March 2017 and completed it in February 2021. We have been working in this village for four years. I would like to give thanks to GHNI for this opportunity to help this village make itself self-sustaining.


Now, I want to highlight some important achievements of the TCD programme in this village. We had an evaluation meeting with the villagers and TCD has had good results in this four-year period.


Villagers learnt so many important TCD lessons which they needed for their future lives. There was disunity in the community and no interaction with each other, no team-work. But now everything has changed and people live in unity. Children used to play and didn’t go to school, now all the children of the village go to school. There was no toilet in the village. We started with 10 model toilets and now 80% of the households have a toilet in their house. 


The village lifestyle has changed; now every household has been involved in Income Generation. They have raised their income. The villagers are self-sustaining!


The community developed good habits of cleanliness and wellness. They can take care of their health, eat healthy food, and drink safe water. 


Now the villagers can identify problems and know the way to find the solutions.


The committee has committed to continue the seed projects and to impact other villages. Though the training period has finished, the TCD movement will be continued in this village and beyond by the committee and responsible people. 


We will follow up in the coming days.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.