Tackling Malnutrition and Lack of Water in Polewali

Polewali, Indonesia


*Melati, 38 years old, lives with her parents, husband, and two children in Polewali Village.  Melati is a key member of the newly formed Transformational Community Development (TCD) Water Committee, not only because of her active and humorous personality, but also because she functions as a midwife in the community.  Since she spends a lot of her time with women and small children, Melati has unique concerns about the health situation in Polewali. According to her, in addition to the problem of malnutrition, there are many hygiene-related issues due to the lack of clean water available in the village.  


This month, our GHNI team has begun working alongside Melati and the Water Committee in order to solve the water problem.  There is water available deep underground in certain spots, but because of the expense, the possibility of failure, and the previous inability of the community to work together in conquering the problem, there remains very little water in the village – and in many households, no bathrooms.  The TCD approach and training has given the committee the boost they needed to show their community that change is possible. The water project is off to a promising start, and we look forward to seeing the TCD village committee in action, working together toward changed lives in Polewali.   


Thank you,


Didi, Indro, Jeremy & Eva
GHNI Partner TCD Workers

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Melati” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.