Tackling Necessary Tasks

House of Esther, Armenia

Compared to previous years, October was an unusually warm month at the House of Esther (HoE).  We were able to continue some outdoor work and preparation toward self-sufficiency.

Some tasks we tackled include the following:

  • Weeding the farm and adding manure and topsoil where needed
  • Improving the fish farm operation by raising the water-bio filter onto metal tables and adding pipes to increase the flow of recycled water for better control
  • Installing insulation to the input stacks/pipes for better energy savings
  • Advancing the greenhouse structure by painting the exposed metal to prevent corrosion
  • Reinforcing the roof with metal strips to avoid wind damage


Other activities this past quarter included the following:

  • Requesting that our residents apply for farming assistance
  • Contacting a charity organization to assist with purchasing animals
  • Asking the refugees to go to Yerevan to receive winter clothes
  • Continuing to develop a good relationship with a local leader by visiting him again
  • Replying to a local government office’s request to accept two to three more Syrian refugees, saying we could as long as their office would provide financial support
  • Continuing to help refugees prepare for the winter and rainy seasons


GHNI Partner Volunteer