Tailoring Success

Gem Village, Kenya


Gem Village lies on the west side of Isiolo town. The communities living in this village mostly speak Turkana. Villagers have seen education as a foreign tool to them. Few would bother with it, and this contributed to a lot of children dropping out of school. Since Gem Village is only a few kilometres away, some of the children end up in the town streets when they drop out of school.


Nancy is an example of many girls who ended up abusing drugs. Drug abuse led her to live a miserable life. Through our rescue programme, we came across Nancy on one of our visits. We invited her to join our GHNI Empowerment Programme. 


Through the effort of GHNI, children took a positive look on the Empowerment Centre as more and more school dropouts were trained in tailoring skills and others in salon skills. This brought changes to the mindset of other villagers who did not yet believe in the programme.


Mary is one of the beneficiaries from the Empowerment Centre: she learnt tailoring. This really helped Mary and her example has motivated other girls and even the community in general. Mary has been employed in camp Garba as a tailor. She is really happy and thankful to GHNI for the long-lasting changes brought to her life. Gem villagers are also happy for the great change that GHNI has brought to their village.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader