Taking Every Opportunity to Grow

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


Mother of four children, Kebele is a 40-year-old married women living in Didi Hara Village. Her husband has another wife, so most of the burdens of the children weigh on her shoulders. Her husband helps her as she tries to feed the children daily, but most of the time it is very hard for her to fulfil their needs. When GHNI-Ethiopia entered her village, Kebele was the one who was selected by the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee and village elders because of the hardship she faced. Kebele was committed to the Agriculture Group and Income Generation Group, so she became successful and now earns enough money to support her children. She teaches her children to work on a farm behind her home that they can tend by themselves. Now they produce enough food in their little farm.


I am coaching the five TCD committees and helping them by giving some ideas. For the next quarter, we plan to focus on other TCD programs such as wellness, education, water, and income generation.


Water committee and TCD workers have trained 15 villagers on how to purify drinking and cooking water using local available resources for bio-sand filters and boiling water before drinking.


The Food Committee and group members produce different vegetables for their consumption and selling. They are making very good money and plan to expand the farmland.


The Income Generation groups received goats on loan. Members have effectively cared for their goats, which are now having babies. They are also using the milk for their children.


The Education Committee has been working hard and discussing with the community about the importance of sending their children to school. They organize awareness meetings and a growing number in the community now understand the importance of education for their children.


The Wellness Committee is visiting house to house to create awareness in the community of the importance of having a toilet in their compound to prevent health problems.


GHNI National Field Leader