Taking Lessons to Heart

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In a conversation with Janet, she expressed her happiness about what happened with her and her children. She attends the weekly lessons at the organization’s headquarters with her four children: Merna, 14; Martina, 12; Anthony, 10; and Pola, 5. She said that she thanks GHNI for the big role it played in changing her and her children. Janet shared that she had learned a lot of things from this organization and applies them in her life.

Janet said that she shares the lessons with her friends and relatives, such as her nephews and nieces. The most important lesson that impacted her was “Honoring Your Parents.” Through this lesson, she also learned to help old people. Other lessons that affected her were “Smile, Don't Say Anything Wrong” and “Our House and Our Street Are Clean.” Janet learned to believe that she's special and clever, and also about personal hygiene and the dangers of chemical substances, electricity, and heights. She learned to be thankful and polite. Every day she collects the garbage in her street and is satisfied with that. Janet loves the organization so much, and the teachers there.



GHNI National Field Leader