Taking New Initiatives

Jatapara Village, India

We have started the new year with lots of plans, resolutions, and a deadline. I started with coaching villagers to plant a second crop, which no one does, usually. I encouraged them to work together for cultivation. Some of those who had seen the successful cultivation we had shown them chose to grow wheat as the second crop, while others grew mustard.


At the start of cultivation, when all the villagers were discussing their second crop, they were a little afraid of spending their labor and money because of the dry land and lack of water. We continued to encourage them to take the risk and hope for good. One of the farmers, Rameshol, took initiative and became the first farmer to cultivate wheat. After his effort, many others did the same. They have a good result now.


I was able to teach the villagers about the value of unity and to care for each other. I also raised awareness about health and hygiene. I am continuously raising awareness about cleanliness of the environment. Surprisingly, some of the villagers are taking the initiative to collect and burn the waste plastic bags which were thrown here and there.