Tapping into the Source

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

It was the vision of GHNI to transform the community and make sense to many hopeless and desperate lives in Ola Nagele Village. In this village, there was no water, and people were walking long distances to search for water in the unbearable heat of sun. School children had to be absent from school to fetch water for their parents and life was not easy.

In 2009, we came to this village and helped them to make a big difference in their own lives. A water pipe was connected from the water line out by the highway, and a distribution tank was constructed in the middle of the village. Everyone now got help at this location.

One happy woman among many families was Mama Nuria. She came up with the idea of diverting water from the main pipe put in by GHNI to her compound, which saves her time and energy. Now many families are enjoying running taps in their own compound.


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya