TCD Accepted as a Life Changer

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

“My name is Chandrakala. I received my first loan after participating in three Transformational Community Development (TCD) classes, which was required by the committee. I was in need of money to provide to the family and also to generate an additional income to pay back the loan. I had a plot of land, which had nothing. The TCD training encouraged me to start cultivating vegetables in my land. I was visited by the GHNI leaders in the committee who motivated me to grow vegetables. TCD taught me the rotation of crops for a bounty harvest, which turned out to be a success and a money earner.

“On receiving the second loan during our monthly TCD discussions, I am able to identify four kinds of vegetables that have a ready market in the village. I am so motivated with these teachings that I have passed this information on to others and to my native village. Today, I sell these items making a good profit that helps me and my family financially.

“I am so thankful to GHNI and the committee leaders. I want to show them the vegetables that grow in my land before harvest. They came to see the crop even in the rain, which made me feel excited. They also wanted me to carry on the good work. I thank GHNI for the loan given. Without their help, it will not be possible to start growing vegetables in my land.”


GHNI National Field Leader, Sri Lanka