TCD Brings a Brighter Future

Elala Village, Ethiopia


The village of Elala is found 250km (about 155 miles) from Addis Ababa in the Kereu tribe. The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Group in Elala Village produced onions on one hectare (about 12,000 square yards) of land, earning 43,500 birr (about $1,500). This was their first harvest within four months, a surprise to group members and the villagers. They did not have this kind of knowledge before when they were dependent on herding animals. One of the Agriculture Group members, Kemal, was very happy. The previous year, life was hard for his family. Kemal was struggling to survive in life, but now the TCD method has been very helpful in their lives. According to Kemal, life looks bright for his family and the community as whole.