TCD Catches on as Lives Are Changed!

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

As we were expecting, more people are excited about our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. In Dhokar Jhara Village, Ranga and Hempur were like many who had negative thoughts about the potential success of TCD. They are now convinced they can change their situation through this program.  

The people of Dhoker Jhara were quite behind in education and social awareness. They were suffering with various diseases caused by environmental factors. When the social awareness programs started, they were in doubt. However, when they saw the changes in some people’s lives, they started taking interest in TCD and are now in agreement on soon placing a pipeline in the village.

The children’s literacy program is going well. Seeing the school running, parents came to believe that their children could have a better education and future. Paying money for education is new for them, because all they know is government school, which is absolutely free. Due to this, they are hesitant to give money in exchange for their children’s education. In upcoming days, we are planning to organize a kids’ activity program and give them pencils, paper, bags, and more to encourage them to study.

We are also planning to offer micro-loans for crop cultivation and goat farming for income generation.

A boring well (deep tube well) for drinking water has been placed here and people are excited and happy about the TCD program. This opens a chance to spread our work to nearby villages.

Thank you! Our work with the Dhoker Jhara villagers depends on the generous support from friends like you. The implementation of TCD is benefiting all villagers and their quality of life.


GHNI TCD Worker, India