TCD Centre Construction On Hold

Binodpur Village, India


Greetings from Binodpur, and thanks for being an important part of Binodpur. Without your help we would not be able to do what we do.


We all are going through a difficult time. Last quarter I shared a report about cyclone Bulbul and this time we are facing a great challenge called COVID-19. At present in India, there are 3,671 confirmed cases with 283 people cured and 99 dead. Since March 25th,  we have been ordered to lock down. The Indian government has declared the lock down for 21 days. 


Last March, we started a Spoken English class and had five students enroll. The class is being held in the doctor's chamber. Due to some disagreements between four of the local families, construction of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Centre has not started. We hope that after the lock down lifts we can build it. The installation of a hand pump (tube well) is currently in progress. 


TCD Update

  • Water – People are struggling to get drinking water. During the summer some hand pumps stop working. The ground water recedes below normal levels.
  • Food – Villagers are now doing well in this area. People are raising chickens and making kitchen gardens. Four families are practicing a balanced diet.
  • Income Generation – We are planning to conduct a survey to inquire into the three main income sources used by the villagers to then strengthen those income streams.
  • Education – Met with Mr. Raghunath. He is a retired school teacher and wants to provide tutoring at the TCD centre.
  • Wellness - People are doing well here. No serious issue has been reported.


Thank you!