TCD Empowers Village Advocacy

Kharibari Village, India


Clean Toilet Award


In Kharibari Village, all our families have toilets and they are using them, but the biggest challenge is to keep it ongoing. Typically, it seems that once a toilet gets dirty, the villagers abandon it. For this reason, we discussed a plan with the committee. We decided to establish a “Clean Toilet Award” which we shall bestow upon the family with the cleanest toilet so that they will continue to clean their toilets and use them subsequently.  I laid down a few guidelines to the committee for selecting the winner, like clean toilet inside and outside, water consistently available for the toilet, hand washing soap and toilet brush kept near the toilet, etc.  


The committee members, themselves, did a survey accordingly and Haridas’s family was chosen as the winners. We will do this exercise every two months. The winner was given one harpic liquid, one toilet brush and two bars of hand soap for washing. This has motivated other villagers and they are keeping their toilets neat and clean, hoping to become the next winner. 


New House (Prime Minister’s housing plan)


One of our efforts in Kharibari Village was to draw local resources: be it water, sanitation, rations or housing. The biggest obstacle was that villagers were deprived of all sorts of government facilities and they were not in a position to ask for anything from the local authorities. Since we started working in this village and formed a committee, I began motivating them to approach the local authorities regarding village needs. The villager’s answers tended to always be the same, “We won’t get what we’ve asked for.” The villagers were simply demoralized and they had ceased wanting to approach the local government. 


After working through the committee, they realised that they are not alone and that, if they wanted to get anything approved, they had to present their requests as a group. I taught them how to write applications to the local authorities and on two occasions I took them to local authorities to submit said applications. 


Finally, Gonda was given a new concrete house under the prime minister’s housing plan. This is the first such award in the village. Soon the construction of his house will be completed.  He is very excited and thankful to the committee and the committee members and excited that their effort has paid off. 


We had some other plans, such as a lemon plantation in Kharibari Village and fisheries training in the Damdim cluster which is on hold due to the present health crisis. We have been in lockdown since March. Before that in February, we had our South Asia Staff Conference in Nepal where we had a good time of fellowship and learning.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water - Villagers had no other option other than boiling to make water potable. Due to this, many families are consuming water directly from the well as boiling takes both time and firewood. So we have planned to install a central bio-filter system from which they can get pure drinkable water. We are making a budget for this.
  • Food - All families are eating a balanced diet, but fruit has yet to become part of their daily intake. We have a plan to distribute some fruit plants like papaya, guava, and banana in the next quarter.
  • Income Generation - The Dahru family of this village has agreed to partner with GHNI in the lemon plantation project from which the income will be divided. He is giving nearly 10 cottahs of land for that. We are expecting that by seeing this, other villagers will also take up this kind of partnership.
  • Education - 95% Children are attending government school, regularly. Only two families (7 children) reported as having regular evening study at home. 
  • Wellness - No major health issues were reported this quarter. We ran one TCD session on helping and understanding one another.


Thank you!