TCD Leads to Business Expansion

Attir Village, Kenya


Attir Village was one of the communities that never knew how to use capital and resources for their own needs. Attir villagers were solely dependent on pastoralism (livestock) to meet their families’ needs. But life changed after GHNI introduced microloan financing in Attir. GHNI educated villagers on how to use microloans to start various types of businesses. GHNI taught them how to save their profits in order to expand their businesses so that they were not only depending on pastoralism to earn money. Since drought was a big threat to their animals and their livelihood, the villagers began to see microloans in a positive light and promised to invest in small businesses. Villagers started businesses of their own choice, such as buying and selling goats for profit, or starting small canteens.


Mama Elizabeth is one of the beneficiaries of the loan program. She used her loan to set up a canteen and saved her profits to start another business. She decided to start making traditional shanga ornaments. The business went well for Mama Elizabeth and she is now selling her ornaments in nearby areas. Mama Elizabeth is extremely happy and very thankful for the GHNI and its help.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


This month, 70 villagers attended a training on how to properly support children’s education. The Education Committee continues to work with the community on requesting Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers. The Water Committee worked hard to educate villagers on protecting the village’s water source and ensuring that rules and regulations are being followed. Waterborne illnesses were also the topic, with the Wellness Committee and 37 community health volunteers attending a training on preventing waterborne diseases. Eighty farmers attended a training on pest prevention to make the most of their harvests while 25 villagers participated in a session that taught how to start a business with capital on hand.