Teachers and Doctors Making a Difference

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer class


In our computer class, the trainer, Laith, taught the students about Microsoft Word. The class is almost finished, and the students are doing well, understanding the lessons, and making good progress. One boy has had difficulty learning the computer but Laith stepped in and encouraged him. He cares about his students, especially those having difficulties, so he tried to help the boy learn and develop his skills saying, “You can do it!”


English Class


In the English class, the students were asking for more grammar lessons, so the teacher started to teach them some basic grammar lessons, which are important to make their English better. During the month, the teacher started having a stronger relationship with one of the students named Malak. She’s a funny girl and always excited about the lesson. Malak tries hard to learn how to speak English with the correct pronunciations.


The students are getting better after each class and they are able to understand the lesson because the teacher is trying to explain it in the simplest of ways. The children are always enjoying the lesson and now the teacher has come up with an idea that, during the last ten minutes of class, we play games together so that the students get to know the teacher and other students better. Sometimes we don’t play, we simply talk about anything that the students are interested in. The other day, they started asking the teacher questions about history. The students are having fun this way and they will sometimes tease the teacher by asking when the lesson will finish. The teacher will then start to make funny faces at them and everybody laughs. The teacher loves the students so much and says she doesn’t know how she will be able to tell them goodbye when the course is over, and they graduate.


Sewing Class


The sewing class for the Jordanian and Syrian ladies is done and they were so happy and thankful for the class. We had a good time celebrating the graduates. They learned from the class and are trying to open a small sewing workshop in their area, so they’ll have income to help and support their families.


Now we have a new class with new ladies, Jordanian and Syrian again. The course will be for two months. The first week was on the basic principles of how to use the sewing machine. The second week was how to take measurements and use scissors on the fabrics. The ladies were so excited to learn and work with their hands.




We started our mosaic class this month with the Jordanian ladies. We bought some supplies like stones (five kilos of different colors), a fabric press, and six frames that cost six dinars (about $9). The ladies have completed three mosaic panels. They are doing well and showing great progress in the class.




During October, we successfully treated a total of 90 patients in the House of Ruth’s clinic of Ma'in. Dr Fadi treated all of the patients and provided them with most of their needed prescription medications. He also helped some patients referred to him by Dr. Karam, giving them painkillers and antibiotics as needed.


Dental Clinic


This month we received patients of different nationalities (Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian, and Egyptian) and different age groups (children, adults, and elderly). The clinic saw five to six patients a day. During October, many different types of procedures were done, including:

  • extraction of teeth
  • fillings with composite and amalgam
  • pulp extirpation of lower six
  • scalings
  • obturation of lower six

One boy, a 13-year-old from Syria, has been living in Jordan with his family for eight years. They have a very low economic status and were unable to have his teeth treated in a private clinic, so I treated him with his family.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader