Teaching Basic Healthcare

Women’s Empowerment Centres, Afghanistan


We teach Transformational Community Development (TCD) and English to girls and boys, and the students eagerly attend the classes every day, particularly the English class. Their English is becoming so much better than before, and now they speak better English. The first class of students have finished the beginning English book. We made certificates to present as encouragement to the students.


Meanwhile, the number of women who are coming to learn lessons for literacy, health, and TCD has increased. Last month, as we were teaching them how to bandage a wound, we also distributed: hydrogen peroxide BP, skin ointment, Povidone-iodine 10%, gauze swab sponges, and latex examination gloves. These are the things that the women have asked from us, before.


In June, as we continue to teach hygiene. We also teach women how to give an injection and to check blood pressure. How to give a shot is very important for the community because if someone doesn’t know how to give an injection, he or she must go to a clinic or physician.


Thank you!

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team