Teaching COVID-19 Prevention

Refugees in Iraq


Recently, over two intense days during the pandemic, we presented some useful lessons on COVID-19, including about its horrors, how it is spreading, how to protect oneself from it, and how to follow required procedures to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. We offered warnings of its potential return in the coming winter to some Yazidi Internally Displaced People (IDPs) around Slemani City, Raparin, Kanakawa, Dolarut, Tanjaro, and the orchards on the way to Tasluja. We did this in a training course so that they could remain aware of this deadly virus and how to protect themselves. Afterwards, we started distributing masks, sanitisers, and latex gloves to the Yazidi families under the auspices of both a partner organisation and GHNI. Then we started distributing some short-term food relief packages, which included rice, cooking oil, and meat to one of the groups so that they could feed themselves for several weeks.


The work was successfully carried out with consideration of the law and guidelines issued by the governor and the district commissioner, which are meant to protect the people. We gathered a great number of the families that we help and gave them the lessons. Then we asked them to pass on the lessons to their kinsmen. As such, we did not create a big crowd in order to minimise the possible spread of the disease and to demonstrate the implemented guidelines.


We handed out required masks, latex gloves, sanitisers, and soaps, all of which are very necessary for the time being.  


Our strategy is to continue serving these 105 Yazidi families, as well as a number of other minority families who were victims of a militant group offensive. 


Thank you!


Ari & Aram 

GHNI Partners