Teaching Kindness and Cooperation

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl

A lady named Amira said that her husband was very violent with her, insulting and hitting her. Without thinking, Amira began to insult her child, many times even hitting him without reason. After we presented the lesson on “violence and children,” Amira asked us how she could stop from hitting her son. “Help me please because my son is lonely without any sisters or brothers,” she said. Then we started to think of this problem and how can we solve it.

After a lot of thinking, I told her that she must be his friend and teach him the right things. I also told her she should punish him only when he makes a mistake and the punishment must not include insults or hitting. She should instead teach him to depend on himself and teach him to be responsible for himself. After 15 days, Amira came to us and told us that she stopped insulting her son and has begun to get close to him.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Yassa and Nessma are brother and sister who fight all the time. When their parents ask them to buy something for the house, they both refuse to buy it. In turn, the mother punished them harshly by striking them hard. Yassa and Nessma then began to blame and insult each other. The two also began hitting each other.

After we presented the lesson on cooperation, Yassa and Nessma shared with us their problems at home. They told us that the lesson helped them realize the importance of cooperation and that it has been effective for them. The two said “sorry” to each other and promised to do what their parents told them so that the family can live in peace and cooperation.   


GHNI National Field Leader