Teaching Preventative Health Habits

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


The transformation of this village into a model village is occurring at Đorgovska mahala Village. We have two groups of women with over 20 members. One group is part of the local community and the other group meets regularly in the village. Also, we have one group of children who gather regularly. We would appreciate your support as we bring the message of hope.


Most villagers do not understand the seriousness of poor nutrition and other factors that cause health problems to arise. There are a large number of villagers with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders. Many young people, due to their lifestyle, have a steady increase in blood pressure.


One married couple, Dragan and Matilda, suffered a setback. Dragan had a heart attack while he worked in agricultural and was dependent on medical machines for ten days. Now he's good, but he keeps an eye on nutrition. The increased risk was due to his extra body weight. Some topics we've been teaching about are keeping a healthy weight, raised blood pressure, and heart disease.


A great concern of ours is that almost every child in village families smoke at least one cigarette a day when parents are not watching. It was when we were socializing with the children that they confessed in one family a brother and sister were smoking at only 11 years of age.


One teenage girl named Teodora has smoked at least one cigarette every day. She listened carefully about the hazards and diseases due to smoking, and now she talks about it to her family and others in the village. She wants to have a nice tan, healthy teeth, and good health as she grows up. Teodora also wants that for her peers.

A sad story is that a stepfather raped an eight-year-old girl. Doctors are fighting for her life. I am seeking wisdom to talk to this poor girl’s mother. Thank you for all your support and partnership.


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