Teaching Preventive Health Care

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Recently GHNI conducted a 15-day medical service program with our partner NGO. During this time, 1,850 people were served for dental, eye, and general medical needs. At the end of the clinic we donated 20,000 doses of medicine to the Haro Wayu post, near Tuka. All the communities were pleased with the service given by GHNI and our partner.

During this program, all the team members experienced various difficulties. One of the challenges was the unexpected rain in the area, making it very hard to get to the village every day. We did not want to cancel the program because there were so many people waiting for us. Some of them walked more than ten hours. It was also difficult for the doctors to get to the village each day, since they sometimes needed their cars to be laboriously pulled from the mud.  

We want to express our appreciation to our partner, which was struggling to help the community. Besides teaching the community preventive healthcare, this medical service program is one of the strategies GHNI uses to help the community.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia