Teamwork Births Sewing and Art Project

Spitak, Armenia


Here in the village of Jrashen, Spitak, the area is famous for its cabbage. Sometimes people joke and call Jrashen the “Cabbage Kingdom.” Unfortunately, heavy hail damaged some of the harvests this month. One main problem is that many villagers work hard in the fields and spend money, but do not have any insurance for the harvest. Now they are thinking of ways to protect the crops in the rainy season. For many families, this is the only income for the year.


On a different note, we want to thank all of you for your support with our sewing project. We started the first phase of the project by purchasing two sewing machines. The community members decided to approach the owner of the house we rent. The community members suggested that we renovate a room for the Sewing and Art Project instead of paying rent for two months. He liked the idea and agreed. The community members completed the renovation. Now they have a nice room for the classes.


There was a great spirit of cooperation between men and women during the project. The men completed repairs while the women beautified the room. It was also encouraging for the other community members to see the men supporting the women.


We noticed that there was so much paper that people didn’t need and wanted to throw away. So, we decided to recycle and make new paper from the old. There is a technique for that, and we took a couple of online lessons. A young man named Tigran created simple tools for making paper while the women made their first recycled paper cards for Spitak with natural flowers. They were excited!


Thank you!