Technology in the Corona Crisis

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class 


This month the students completed the basics of how to use the computer. They all mastered the basics of using the computer and moved to study Microsoft Office Word. The teacher noticed that all students are very smart, even those who have not used the computer before and do not have a computer at home. The students who are older have more ability to understand the lessons than the younger ones.

Some students have taken computer lessons at school, and one of the students told me that now she is able to answer all her school exam questions.


For the next month, they will continue teaching Microsoft Office Word so that all students can use it very well. Regarding safety rules, all students are obligated to wear masks, keep the social distance and use hand sanitiser before the start of the lesson and after completing the lesson.


Dental Clinic


In this month we have received 16 patients in our dental clinic; 4 extraction cases, 8 filling cases and 4 referrals. 


A man visited our clinic to book an appointment for a dentist review for his mother. The man has suffered recently from the Covid-19 economic crises saying that he could not afford to take his mother to a private clinic. An appointment was given to the woman for review.

A woman came to the clinic with her daughter-in-law because her situation was very bad. We cannot support such cases which are required to be done in hospitals in case of any complications. A woman could not talk and came in a wheelchair. She was crying. She had a stroke and took medicine which prevented us from making any clinical intervention.

Dr. Karam asked that she be taken to the hospital. She said that their financial situation is very difficult and it’s getting worse since the pandemic started. Dr. Karam was not able to take them. The situation was emotionally difficult on the doctor and the woman.


General Clinic


Due to the viral outbreak which started to take place in Jordan recently, fewer people visited the clinic at the House of Ruth this month. The doctor ordered fewer medications than he used before the coronavirus crisis. We are trying to be strict about asking everyone who comes to the clinic to wear masks in a proper way and to use hand sanitisers before and after visiting the center. Many people are in need of vitamins. Before the crisis, we used to have teams who visited Jordan and brought vitamins with them, which was such a help. Now we can order them from local drug stores, but they cost a lot more than when buying them from other countries like the US.


Dr. Fadi at the general clinic is still communicating and helping patients in Ma'in through the WhatsApp group. He is working on giving lectures about ways of prevention of certain chronic illnesses that are more common in the area. This may have a huge impact on people's future wellbeing.

The doctor is registering names of people who are showing interest in attending the lectures. The idea is to raise awareness about bad habits that may contribute to the development of these chronic diseases. He will  give lifestyle advice and help people seek medical attention before severe complications take place.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader