Teenage Development Education for Parents

Ezbit el Nakhl, Egypt

A lady had problems with her husband because he wanted to marry his daughter to his nephew, who is older than she by twelve years. The daughter is fifteen years old, still in school, and the bridegroom is twenty-seven. The daughter was weak, but married off. After she learned about the damage of early marriage, the lady asked to meet with her husband. They met together and she tried to convince him the wedding was a wonderful time, but to reverse the marriage.

We taught them important lessons about reproductive health. They haven't any awareness about the right age for marriage of girls, and fathers want their daughters to be married early. We taught them how to deal with teenage girls during puberty. Mothers began to understand the importance of these lessons and how to educate their daughters from an early age. They learned that talking with their daughters is not something shameful. Indeed, some ladies took the step to speak with their daughters under the age of twelve about physiological changes and how they are a normal thing.

We will complement the lessons with further ones, knowing some girls have now been made more aware by their mothers of coming physical changes. This will have a positive psychological effect.

Farhan & Lydia

GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt