Terrified, We ran for Our Lives!

Yazidi Refugees, Disaster Relief

Marige, with her husband Diag and her mother, were driving from shopping for food when they heard the violent group had entered their village. “When we heard (them) coming, we were terrified and ran for our lives. We kept driving as fast as we could toward Erbil (Kurdistan). At one point on the road, we came upon a (militant) checkpoint. We thought we would be caught and they would take us. But as we approached the checkpoint, they came under attack from somewhere, and their attention was drawn away from us, so we drove through and made it to Erbil.”


Today, Marige and Diag (who was captured, but escaped) live in an abandoned factory in Kurdistan.  Though their living conditions are poor, they are safe and are able to survive. They long for the day they can return to their village, but until the violent group is driven out and winter has passed, they will stay where they are.


GHNI is helping to provide their basic needs, such as food, clothing, blankets, heaters, hygiene items, and other essentials. Our national team regularly visits, bringing these items and spending time with them as friends who truly care. Our team listens to them tell their tales of terror and helps them have hope for tomorrow and the day they return home to rebuild their lives.


GHNI is also preparing to help them return home through training them in Transformational Community Development (TCD) as well as keeping them healthy and safe while they are exiled from their home.

We need partners like you to join with us to bring winter aid to Mirage and Diag and other Yazidi families.


Four hundred dollars will provide a family with a heater, blankets, one month’s worth of supplemental food, and other necessary items to help them survive the winter.


Thank you for your help!


GHNI Disaster Relief Worker