Thankful for Services

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class


This month the students completed a big part of learning the Microsoft Office Word programme. The students have reached a good level of using the computer.  The last part of teaching this course will be completed by the beginning of next month.

Students are still committed to attending computer lessons even with the difficult sanitary situation due to COVID-19.  Of course, we keep advising the students to wear masks, use hand sanitiser and keep the proper social distance.


General Clinic


The total number of patients who are visiting the clinic has declined significantly. COVID-19 cases are rising in Jordan. Total visits this month: 36 patient visits. Five of them were Syrians from Madaba. One of the patients was so happy to receive eye drops from the clinic for his eye condition. The low number of patients coming these days helps to stop the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. Dr. Fadi insists that everyone who comes to the House of Ruth wears a mask and uses hand sanitisers before and after they visit the centre. 


Dental Clinic 


In our dental clinic we received 14 patients, 5 of them were extraction cases, 5 were filling cases, and 4 were checkups and referral cases. A Syrian refugee woman in her late thirties and mother of three children living in Madaba visited the clinic. The woman shared that due to the COVID-19 crisis her situation became bad, and she could not afford to visit private clinics, as she and her family are going through a difficult financial situation. Upon receiving the treatment, she felt thankful for having a place which provides services for those who cannot afford it. 


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader