They Love Learning

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class 

This month, the students went successfully through the first phase of learning Microsoft Word. The teacher noticed that the students of this course have the ability and the eagerness to learn more, which is motivating the teacher to give and present more information about Microsoft programmes. The teacher is planning to teach Microsoft Excel next month. 


This group of students are fast learners and have the ability to absorb information quickly. The teacher is so happy to see how much they love and appreciate learning. They want to make sure they understand it well, so they keep asking him many questions.


Many parents have contacted the teacher expressing their desire to send their children for the class. The online schooling has been extended till the end of the semester because the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing sharply again. 


Dental Clinic 

In our dental clinic we have received 15 patients this month: two of them needed extractions, four needed fillings, one needed endodontic treatment, and eight of them came for a checkup and reference. 


A 72-year-old Jordanian man came to our clinic asking for treatment because he couldn’t afford to do it in a private clinic. Our dentist did multiple dental procedures for him. After finishing the treatment, he was very happy and thankful for the services. He was happy it was free. 


Sewing Class

The women finished the first phase of the course and learnt how to use and work on the sewing machine. They also fixed some old clothes as practice and application of what they learnt. 

Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader