Time Away for Fun

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


We took the women and children on a trip to a beautiful place with a pool. Everyone enjoyed the day and they were grateful to get away. Om Refka and Romany both thanked us and said this was the first time they have been able to go out and have fun. They are always busy on their sewing machines making bags for tradesmen who do not have a lot of money. One woman’s husband is addicted to drugs and is very violent with her and her children. He doesn’t work and has been arrested because he has debts he can’t pay. Being able to get away to a refreshing pool and play with the children made the family very happy. They wish they could do this again.


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


Om Donia lives near the organization but had never visited us because she works sorting garbage. Her job is very tiring and dangerous as she sorts through broken glass and open cans with her bare hands. I have invited her to join us many times, but she always said she had to work. So, we decided to go to her home and encouraged her to come and join us. Om Donia, her sister, and her daughter all came with us and they were so happy they did. She said it was one of the best days of her life, and by the end of the day, she didn't want to leave. Since this trip, she has started attending our lessons.


GHNI National Field Leader