Together They Can Bring Change

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Garmaan Village is one of the exemplary places for our Transformational Community Development (TCD) work. Last week there was a meeting in the village with all the villagers attending. One of the discussion points was how the TCD activity in the village has brought great transformation.

Economically, these villagers were heavily dependent on animals. This was a great problem for their life when a drought occurred and most of their cattle were dying. When GHNI came to the village, it was difficult to bring change and the TCD workers worked hard to teach the community. A few villagers accepted the concept of TCD. Soon after the rest of the villagers saw the transformation, they became involved in most of the five areas of TCD. Together they can bring change in their village.

Now, almost all the villagers have a personal toilet in their compound.  Not only this, all the villagers now have knowledge of how to keep healthy. They have understood basic prevention lessons. During the villagers’ meeting, they were expressing their appreciation for GHNI and the TCD workers.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia