Too Young to Marry

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In recent months, we have given lessons about early marriage, and the psychological, social, and health disadvantages of early marriage. One of the ladies had a daughter, 14 years old. She was insisting to marry off her daughter, to be associated with someone who wanted to marry her. She said that marriage is the best for a girl, but after learning of the damages of early marriage and marriage at a very young age, she was concerned for her daughter and decided to postpone it to the suitable time. This will give her daughter the chance and freedom to choose her life partner in a proper way.

For the children, we did a special celebration for Christmas. We had given a lecture about love. Also we arranged a fun day for kids, and we taught them more about failure and success. For the women’s program, we prepared lessons about:  “Keep Myself with Joy”, “Talent Development”, and “Causes of Headaches”.


Farhan & Lydia

GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt