Town Hall Meeting in Garmaam

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

Garmaam Village is one of the strongest (most successful) villages to implement Transformational Community Development (TCD). Last month there was a discussion among the five TCD committees (water, food, education, income generation, and wellness)to evaluate their activity over the last two years.

During the discussion, they discovered their strengths, weaknesses, and difficulties, evaluating every member. The agriculture, wellness, and education committees were working hard and had brought change to the community. They were appreciated by other members and the regional government leaders.

The wellness committee realized it lagged behind, so this month they started to work aggressively to accomplish the remaining work in the village. One of their activities is teaching the community how to protect their health. All households should have a toilet in their compound. The committee is also teaching on how to prevent the spread of disease by keeping the kitchen area clean and how to improve health through personal hygiene.

Thank you! Your continued support of Garmaam villagers has had lasting impact. They have taken ownership of transforming their community in all five areas of TCD!


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia