Training Centers and School Re-Open

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Martins, Tunde, and I were in Dogon Gada Village in the second week of March for a Transformational Community Development (TCD) training of trainers. Alongside the training, we taught the villagers and TCD participants extensively on water purification techniques.

Water Purification Training

Right after the training, Basiru, the TCD worker in Dogon Gada Village, continued with the teaching by demonstrating the Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) technique of water purification. The result was that several more villagers took up the challenge to make their water healthy for human consumption. In Dogon Gada, Musa has been consistently purifying his drinking water by the SODIS method since then.

Sani, our TCD worker in Tadurga also attended the TCD training in Dogon Gada Village. It is his second time of going through the training. On getting back to Tadurga, he emphasized the need for boiling and filtering water before drinking. Esther, Sarah, and Samuel have been consistently boiling their water.

Sani also introduced a water purification technique, using fine sand, grass, and charcoal to the villagers. Few of them are learning that technique presently.

Also, Elisha taught the people of Bauna in the Mairiga Local Government of Niger state how to boil and filter water. Two families in the village, families of Tomo and Micheal, have been boiling and filtering their water since the lesson was taught in their village in March.

The first of the three TCD trainings planned for this year were held in the beginning of March in Dogon Gada. A total of 19 people from 10 states of Nigeria were trained, namely from Kebbi, Sokoto, Niger, Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Nassarawa, Kaduna, Kano, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Niger Republic. Four of these were displaced and rendered indigent due to violence.

Tailoring Centre and More!

As planned for this quarter, construction of the village pharmacy, dining hall, kitchen, and store began in March. The blockwork was completed this week. Roofing, plastering, painting, and fittings for the buildings are yet to be done.

In both Dogon Gada and Tadurga, the tailoring centers are impacting the women. They are learning beadwork as well at the center. In Dogon Gada, Julie, the instructor, is working hard to train Talatu, Esther, Samuel, and Hadiza. She says they are catching on gradually.

Likewise, Haushi and Hanatu, both of Tadurga Village, are doing well with their sewing classes as Sarah consistently teaches them and four other women in the village. Even though Hanatu has already bought a sewing machine of her own, she still attends the tailoring classes to increase her knowledge. She sews clothes for people in the community and makes some income from it.

In Gusau, Zamfara State, our tailoring center, closed down over two years ago because of lack of manpower, has been re-opened this quarter by Julie. Twenty women are enrolled and have started classes. However, the machines and manpower we have available are grossly inadequate to cater for this number. The center needs to be expanded by purchasing more equipment and hiring another instructor.

Dogon Gada School

Within the last quarter, the previously closed down primary school in Kwangirawa Village was re-opened with an enrollment of fifty pupils. At the end of the quarter, we had sixty-five pupils in the school.

The Dogon Gada School is doing well. We have requests from village leaders around Dogon Gada to provide boarding facilities in the school, to afford hundreds more the opportunity of quality education. The children of other villages must trek the long distance to Dogon Gada, daily to attend school from their respective villages.

The next TCD Training of Teachers (TOT) training was postponed two weeks, because of elections in Nigeria and Togo. Twenty participants from the West African countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, and Niger Republic will attend the training.

We recently paid the sum of $150 for a parcel of land in Tadurga. It is for the Tadurga primary school, bookstore, and tailoring center. The construction began in April.


As planned in the last quarter, efforts to drill a borehole in Tadurga has commenced with the preliminary stage of a geophysical survey of the area, done in the beginning of April. The drilling will take place soon.

Future Plans

We plan to hire four more school teachers this quarter, as our educational programs are expanding. Kwangirawa, Tadurga, Algamusu, and Dogon Gada require school teachers. There is also a need to engage the services of three sewing instructors for Gusau, Kwangirawa, and Bauna. We need funds to pay the salaries for these, for about three months, at least. Thereafter, we hope that the schools and centers will become self-sustaining.


GHNI National Field Worker, Nigeria