Training Pays Off!

Ramantar Village, Nepal


In October 2021, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) team did various TCD activities. First, we organised a thanksgiving programme among the Income Generation team. The Income Generation team members who did a very good job were honoured by the TCD team with a big round of applause. We gave some others two more months in order to return Seed Money. Those who did not work hard in Income Generation work had to return the Seed Money two months earlier than our one-year time frame. So, this programme did help inspire people to do their Income Generation work and it also encouraged people to work well in many ways. 


During the TCD committee meeting in Ramantar, we taught about the committee's duty and responsibility. Mr. Pragyan*, from Chainapur TCD, also visited and attended our meetings. He shared his perspective about their progress in Chainapur TCD centre and taught the villagers about Transformational Community Development. The villagers greatly benefited by this month's classes and also by the various meetings. 


Our main goal is to provide a good education especially for children, so we had good teaching activities for the poor children. With the help of one of my friends, we organised a school bag distribution programme. The poor and helpless children, amongst which were some orphans, were given some nice school bags. The total number of children who benefitted by this school bag distribution programme was 25. The parents and children were very happy and this encouraged the children to go to school on a daily basis. 


Farmers are very sad this month because their paddy and other crops in the field are ruined or destroyed because of too much rain. I spent time with the farmers and tried to encourage them. 


Success Story

A man named Kaam* from Ramantar Village was poor and struggling for survival. Although he had a small plot of land, he did not have the habit of producing vegetables on his own and rather bought vegetables from the market.


Through attending TCD lessons, he learnt how to be self-sustaining and a lot more that is required. So, he started making his own vegetable garden. He started by growing chilis. This month, the chilis grew unexpectedly well so he began to sell them in the market. With this, he earned good money and it turned out to be very fruitful. 


The difference between not attending TCD lessons and after attending, is how fruitful it turned out to be. Now, he is independent rather than struggling to survive. Mr. Kaam is very thankful to the TCD team for this transformation and for what he learnt. 


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Pragyan" and “Kaam” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.