Transformation: Before & After!

Polewali, Indonesia


“Siti* is 47 years old, born and raised in the Polewali Transformational Community Development (TCD) village. She lives in a simple wooden stilt house with her husband and four children. Siti and her family don’t have many options for earning income. In spite of her difficult circumstances, she doesn’t like to complain – except for one thing: Water. Each day she needs to walk two kilometres in order to obtain water for daily use. Even then, the river water is not of great quality. As a result, access to water not only has an impact on her time and energy, but also on the health of her family.” 


The above is an excerpt from the July 2020 TCD Polewali report. Six months later, things have changed.  Siti’s village worked with the GHNI team to bring water into their village for the first time. The TCD training team sat down with Siti to hear her “before and after” perspective. 


BEFORE: “I used to walk 2 kilometres 3-4 times per day to retrieve all of the water I could carry from the nearest river for daily needs of cleaning, bathing, and cooking. I remember one time slipping and falling on a steep incline. I couldn’t walk for two weeks.”


AFTER: “Without having to walk so far every day, I now have time to focus on my household duties.  With this extra time, I even started working a side job in the next village and this has increased my family’s income. Besides that, the water from the new well is much cleaner than what we used before.”


Siti was very active throughout this Water initiative. She worked to gather her neighbours, coordinate the raising of funds, and convince those in her community who were negative and sceptical. In a relatively short amount of time, they succeeded. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than one individual catching the vision of change. Well done, Siti!

Thank you,


Didi, Indro, Jeremy & Eva
GHNI Partner TCD Workers

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Siti” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.