Transformation is Contagious!

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mzee is a 54-year-old husband and father who came from a poor background. He has had little education but is a very hardworking man, living hand-to-mouth for most of his life. He often has not made enough money to sustain his own family. Life became very hard, and despite how hard he worked, it seemed to move from bad to worse. He watched his neighbors prosper, but he only stayed stagnant or fell behind. Mzee saw one neighbor who had once been worse off than him but then was doing very well.


Mzee approached the group this man was working with but there was no room for him to join. Because he wasn’t the only one who yearned for transformation, he and a number of others formed a similar group and received help from GHNI and its network. GHNI gave them a microloan and taught them knowledge and skills to impact their life for the better. They worked aggressively to attain their goals and dreams, and after six months, everyone was smiling and telling better stories about their lives. Mzee has become a hardworking livestock trader and now has livestock on his own homestead.  He is surprised that, after he once admired others’ transformation, villagers are now admiring him. He hopes that they will also end up attaining their goals, too.