Transformation Inspires Growth

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Harowayu Village is one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) villages in south Ethiopia. The peace situation disturbed the villagers the last two years. This was the fifth year and if this obstacle did not happen in the area, they would have graduated. On the other hand, the number of groups increased in the village after they saw the great change in previous group members. The Agriculture Group activity inspired the rest of the villagers. Three weeks back the group members harvested cabbage. They are making more than 60,000 birr. Most group members have started individual farms as they have enough knowledge to run their own. This kind of habit and knowledge did not exist before as the villagers depended on animal rearing.  Most of the villagers' children have benefited indirectly as most of them are now attending school, when the coronavirus doesn’t prevent them. 


TCD Update

  • Water - The Water Committee cleaned the pond a few weeks back. They made a fence around the pond to protect the water source. The committee also teaches the community how to filter the drinking water and teaches them the bio sand filter method.
  • Food - The Agriculture Group is strongly working on the communal land and producing different vegetables. They have also started their own farm land on their compound and produce different vegetables.
  • Income Generation - The Women’s Group received goats from GHNI for income generation. The number of goats have increased and the women have engaged in different trade activities. This helps support their families.  
  • Education - The Education Committee was trying to help children attend school, but the peace situation and the Covid-19 prevented them from going to school. They will keep working to help children have education.
  • Wellness - The wellness Committee taught the community how to prevent diseases and keep kitchen materials.  In addition, the villagers try to make toilets in their compound.

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