Transformation Through Strong Relationships

*JT Village, Nepal


When we opened Transformational Community Development (TCD) in JT Village through the primary school, our main aim was to establish good relationships between the teachers and students, teachers and parents, and parents and children. We have been successful in this area. Now there are good relationships developed with teachers and students in this school. Children are doing better.


Another goal was to help raise the income of the poor parents--those who can't send their children to school because of poverty. We helped 20 families begin micro businesses. Tomato farming, micro shops, goat rearing, and sewing training were so helpful to support their families. This could be a good lesson to other communities in building relationships, using their skills, doing small business, and farming to raise income in their own village.


TCD Update


Water – Lessons on safe drinking water greatly helped children. Children look healthy and smart.


Food – Farmers have connected to local agriculture veterans and are interested in learning and adopting new technology and research.


Income Generation – The sewing program, micro loan program, vegetable farming, and goat rearing was helpful, and farmers are earning more than before.


Education – We continue teaching lessons to the children that have positively impacted their behavior and home life.


Wellness – Wellness lessons have been helpful, and children learned a lot about personal health and increased family health consciousness.


Thank you!


Sushil B.

*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.